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Path to Reform

Path to Reform is a tradename of Campaign Constitution whose mission is to assist the states in obtaining a convention of states to amend the Constitution as permitted by Article V thereof.  Path to Reform is charged with the responsibility of scheduling, financing, organizing and managing Academies of States.  Academies of States are informed conventions to further the mission of Campaign Constitution.


Path to Reform’s goal, by hosting Academies of States, is to educate state legislators, to encourage them to file applications as required by Article V, to work with congressional members to call a convention of states as required by Article V, and to establish a coalition with other like-minded organizations seeking a convention of the states.


So far, Path to Reform has hosted three Academies known as Academy of States.1, Academy of States.2 and Academy of States.3.  Descriptions of these and future Academies can be found on the websites of each and


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